Agilent 16702A

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Agilent 16702A  –  Agilent 16702A Logic Analysis System

Agilent 16702A-008

Logic Analyzer Mainframe

The Agilent/HP 16702A is a 5 slot logic analysis mainframe with 4GB hard drive, 1.44MB 3.5 floppy drive, 3 button mouse, keyboard, Ethernet port, SVGA video output, parallel port, single-ended SCSI-2, built in 10.3 colour display, and 2 emulation probe slots. The 16702A requires one or more acquisition or pattern generator cards.

Option Configurations

  001   Add 17″, 1280×1024 Monitor and Cable -Refurbished Item-
  003   160 Mbyte System RAM, 4 Mbyte Video RAM -Refurbished Item-
  004   Add CD-ROM Drive -Refurbished Item-
  006   Add Demo Kit -Refurbished Item-
  008   18GB External Data Drive -Refurbished Item-
  0B3   Service Manual -Refurbished Item-
  100   Consignment Configurations-Turn On Toolsets -Refurbished Item-
  1CM   Rackmount Kit -Refurbished Item-
  ABJ   Japan- Japanese localization -Refurbished Item-
  KIT   Kit – Shipping -Refurbished Item-
  RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product -Refurbished Item-