Agilent 16702B

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Agilent 16702B  –  Agilent 16702B Logic Analysis System


Front panel knobs allows quick changes to vertical and horizontal scaling, move markers, scroll
Dedicated hot keys give instant access to the more frequently used displays.
through data or waveforms, or change the value of variables.
A mouse and keyboard are included standard.
Built-in 800 x 600 touch screen
5 measurement module slots
1 slot for emulation module or Multiframe module
18 GB hard drive
  Built-in 40x CD-ROM drive
10/100 BaseT LAN auto-sensing
128 MB system RAM

Option Configurations

  001   Add 17″ Monitor 1280×1024 Monitor and Cable
  003   256 Mbyte System RAM 4 Mbyte Video RAM
  006   Add Demo Kit
  008   18 GB External Data Drive
  009   External Removable Hard Drive
  012   Multiframe Module
  0B3   Service Guide – English
  100   Consignment Configurations-Turn On Toolsets
  AXC   Equipment Shelf – Rackmount Kit
  RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product