Agilent 4352B

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Agilent 4352B  –  Agilent 4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer


  Frequency Range 10 MHz – 3 GHz/26 G
  Frequency Resolution 1 kHz

Option Configurations

  001   Expand DC control voltage (-15 to 35 V)
  0B0   Delete manual set
  0B1   Add manual set
  1A2   No keyboard
  1CM   Rackmount kit
  1CN   Handle kit
  1CP   Rackmount and handle kit
  700   Standard DC control voltage (0 to 20 V)
  810   Add keyboard
  ABA   U.S. – English localization
  ABJ   Japan – Japanese localization
  ATO   VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer
  RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product
  UK6   Commercial Cal. Certificate with test data