Agilent 54832D

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Agilent 54832D  –  Agilent 54832D Mixed-Signal Infiniium Oscilloscope


  Frequency Range/ Bandwith 1 GHz
  Number of Channels 4 + 16 CH
  Sample Rate 4 GSa/s
  Type (D/A) Mixed Signal

Option Configurations

  001   Add Two 1165A Probes
  002   Add One Each 1162A Probe
  003   High-Speed SDA and Clock Recovery (installed)
  004   Add Four 1165A Probes
  005   Add Logic Probe Kit
  006   Application Integration Package (My Infiniium installed)
  007   Add Wedge Kit
  008   Provides 1153A Probe
  009   Provides 1154A Probe
  010   Provides 1159A Probe
  011   Provides 1155A Probe
  012   Provides 1156A Probe
  015   EZJIT jitter analysis software package (installed)
  016   Easy Probe Positioner
  017   Removable hard drive for Infiniium 54830 series oscilloscopes
  018   Standard hard drive for Infiniium 54830 series oscilloscopes
  019   1.5 GHz InfiniiMax differential probe (includes E2675A)
  021   Low-Speed SDA (installed)
  040   Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 4M/CH
  080   Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 8M/CH
  0B3   Service Guide
  0BF   Programmer’s Guide
  100   Communications Mask Test
  160   Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 16M/CH
  1CM   Rackmount Kit
  200   Voice Control Option
  320   Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 32M/CH
  640   Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 64M/CH
  A6J   ANSI Z540
  AB2   PRC – Chinese Manual Option
  ABJ   Japanese Manual Option
  B30   USB Option
  B31   Low/Full SQUIDD Probe Board
  RMKT   Agilent refurbished product