Agilent 83623B

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Agilent 83623B  –  Agilent 83623B High Power Swept-Signal Generator


  Frequency Range 10 MHz – 20 GHz
  Frequency Resolution 1 kHz
  Modulation AM, FM
  Output Range -20 dBm – +17 dBm
  Output Resolution 0.02 dB
  Time Base Stability 0.0000001/yr
  Type Swept-Signal Generator

Option Configurations

  001 Add step attenuator
  002   Add internal modulation generator
  004   RF output connector moved to rear panel
  006   Add fast pulse modulation
  008   1-Hz Frequency resolution
  0B0   Do not include standard manual set
  0B1   Include standard manual set
  700   MATE compatibility
  706   Additional material for 006, UN1, UN2, UN4
  806   Rack slide kit
  908   Rack mount flange kit, use without handles
  913   Rack mount flange, use with handles
  ABD   Germany – German localization
  ABF   France – French localization
  ABZ   Italy – Italian localization
  C01   Type-N RF output connector (not available with rear panel connector)
  C02   3.5mm RF output connector
  RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product
  UK6   Commercial calibration with test data
  UN1   No step attenuator
  UN2   No internal modulation generator
  UN3   Handle kit
  UN4   Standard front and rear panel connector configuration
  UN6   Standard pulse modulation