Agilent 8665B

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Agilent 8665B  –  Agilent 8665B RF Signal Generator


Frequency Range 100kHz – 6GHz
Frequency Resolution .01 Hz
Output Accuracy +/- 1.0 dB
Output Range -139.9 dBm – +13 dBm
Output Resolution .1 dB
Programmable Interface HP-IB
SSB Phase Noise Range -117 dBc/H
Time Base Stability +/- .015 p

Option Configurations

001  High-stability time-base
003   Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
004   Enhanced spectral purity
008   Pulse modulation
010   Reduced RF leakage configuration
907   Front handle kit
908   Rack flange kit
909   Front handle and rack flange kit
ABJ   Japan – Japanese localization
HK6   Provides commercial test data on unit
RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product
UN8   No pulse modulation
UNM   Standard front and rear panel connector configuration
UNQ   Standard stability time-base