Agilent 8923B – Agilent 8923B DECT…

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Agilent 8923B  –  Agilent 8923B DECT Test Set


Instrument Name   Communication Analyzer, DECT Test Set
Measurements Bit Error Ratio, Word Error Ratio, Carrier Power, Power versus Time, Centre Frequency Accuracy, Frequency Deviation, Frequency Drift, Timing Jitter, Audio Measurements
DECT Source CW Mode / Frequency accuracy: ±5 kHz (Compliant to CTR-06 Section 5.8.4)
Receiver Test Residualbit error / Ratio: 10-6 for PRBS 29 – 1 (ITU-T 0.153)
Receiver Test Resolution: ±1.3 mV peak
Audio Source Digital oscilloscope / Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading ±0.1 div.


0BF Programming reference manual (additional)
AV4 Users manual (additional)
OB3 Servicemanual
1D5 High stability frequency reference
1CP Rack mount and handle kit
K06 Serial printer connector and cable (RJ11 to D-type RS232)
004 Precision frequency reference
112 DECT demodulator card
012 DECT source
H10 DECT modulation
008 Pulse modulation
101 Fast time domain sweep card
105 Time gated spectrum analysis card