Agilent E4428C

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Agilent E4428C  –  Agilent E4428C Signal Generator 250 kHz – 3 GHz



  Frequency Range 250KHz – 6 GHz
  Frequency Resolution .01 Hz
  Output Accuracy +/- 0.6 dB
  Output Range -136 dBm – +17 dBm
  Output Resolution 0.02
  Programmable Interface GPIB & RS-232
  SSB Phase Noise Range -135 dBc/20kHz – -113 dBc/20kHz

Option Configurations

  0BW   Service documentation, assembly level
  1CM   Rack mount without handle
  1CN   Handle kit
  1CP   Rackmount kit with front handles
  1EM   Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
  503   Frequency range from 250KHz to 3GHz
  506   Frequency range from 250KHz to 6GHz
  ABA   United States – English documentation set
  H06   Provides 600 ohm input impendance instead of 50 ohm for EXT2 input of the E4428C
  H25   Extends the lower limit of Swept-Sine frequency to 25 MHz for LF Out
  HF8   Extends the frequency to 7.0 GHz for the E4428C with unspecified performance
  RMKT   Agilent refurbished product
  UK6   Commercial calibration certificate with test data
  UNB   High output power with mechanical attenuator
  UNJ   Enhanced phase noise performance
  UNM   Standard front and rear panel connector configuation
  UNN   Option 503 standard electronic attenuator