Agilent E8244A

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Agilent E8244A  –  Agilent E8244A PSG-L Series Performance Signal Generator


Frequency Range 250 kHz – 40 GHz
Frequency Resolution  0.01 Hz
Output Accuracy +/- 0.6 dB – +/- 1.3 dB
Output Range  -20 dBm – +9 dBm
Output Resolution
0.01 dB
SSB Phase Noise Range -134 dBc – -102 dBc


Option Configurations



  0BW Service documentation, assembly level -Refurbished Item-
  1CM   Rackmount kit -Refurbished Item-
  1CN   Handle kit -Refurbished Item-
  1CP   Rackmount kit with handles -Refurbished Item-
  1E1   Add Step Attenuator -Refurbished Item-
  1EA   High RF output power -Refurbished Item-
  AB1   Korea – Korean localization -Refurbished Item-
  ABA   United States – English documentation set -Refurbished Item-
  ABD   Germany – German localization -Refurbished Item-
  ABF   France – French localization -Refurbished Item-
  ABJ   Japan – Japanese localization -Refurbished Item-
  C04   Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel -Refurbished Item-
  CD1   CD of user guide and assembly level service manual -Refurbished Item-
  H30   RF upconverter -Refurbished Item-
  RMKT   Agilent refurbished product -Refurbished Item-
  UK6   Commercial calibrations certificate w/ test data -Refurbished Item-
  UN5   Standard output power -Refurbished Item-
  UNJ   Enhanced phase noise -Refurbished Item-