Agilent E8257C

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Agilent E8257C  –  Agilent E8257C PSG Analog Signal Generato


Frequency Range 250 kHz – 20 GHz
Frequency Resolution 0.001 Hz
Output Accuracy +/- 0.6 dB – +/- 1.2 dB
Output Range -20 dBm – +13 dBm
Output Resolution 0.01 dB
SSB Phase Noise Range -134 dBc/20Hz – -108 dBc/20

Option Configurations

007   Ramp sweep
0BV   Service documentation, component level
0BW   Service documentation, assembly level
1CM   Rackmount kit
1CN   Handle kit
1CP   Rackmount kit with handles
1E1   Add step attenuator
1E6   Narrow pulse modulation ( 500 MHz-3.2 GHz )
1EA   High RF output power
1ED   Type N connector
1EM   Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
520   250kHz to 20 GHz
540   250kHz to 40 GHz
700   Standard low band pulse modulation
724   PSG calibration software
730   Chassis combo option for E8257C (UNM+UNP)
731   Chassis combo option for E8257C (UNM+UNR)
732   Chassis combo option for E8257C (1EM+UNP)
733   Chassis combo option for e8257C (1EM+UNR)
AB2   Chinese E8257C PSG signal generators user’s guide
ABA   United States – English documentation set
ABD   German E8257C PSG signal generators user’s guide
ABF   French E8257C PSG signal generators user’s guide
ABJ   Japanese E8257C PSG signal generators user’s guide
C04   Provide special name plate for australian defence force only
C09   Moves all connectors to rear panel except for RF output
C60   Reverse instrument airflow direction (operate environment <=25degC)
H18   Warranted +18 dBm maximum leveled RF output power over 2GHz to 3.2GHz
H2D   Unspecified and non-warranted performance for frequencies below 2GHz
H2X   Increases maximum deviation by 2 times for FM and phase modulation
H30   RF upconverter
H31   Limits upper frequency to 31.8 GHz intended for China
H3P   Measures integrated phase noise performance
HB6   Prevention of unauthorized firmware upgrade
HEH   Improve low band hamonics (freq range from 10MHz to 3.2 GHz) for an E8257C
HFS   Provide FM and ramp sweep simultaneously
HS2   Provides sweep time up to 200 seconds for ramp sweep only
RMKT   Agilent refurbished product
UK6   Commercial calbirations certifcate w/ test data
UN5   Standard output power
UNC   Standard connector (3.5 mm)
UNM   Standard front and rear panel connector configuration
UNN   No step attenuator
UNP   Standard special purity
UNR   Enhanced phase noise