Agilent J1981B

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Agilent J1981B  –  Agilent J1981B Voice Quality Tester(VQT)


  • Speech quality measurements and analysis using PESQ (ITU P.862), PSQM+ (ITU P.861), and PAMS
  • Voice delay measurement and troubleshooting
  • Echo measurement and analysis
  • Silence suppression analysis including VAD front-end clipping and hold-over time
  • Signal loss measurement using noise, tones, and voice
  • DTMF tone distortion measurement and analysis
  • One-click testing on every measurement
  • Testing with over 150 voice samples in nine different languages
  • Remote control of distributed test servers
  • Network simulation and echo generation
  • Tone, noise, and voice sample generation and recording
  • Easy to use – begin testing right out-of-the-box and get results within minutes
  • Detailed test configuration and analysis for troubleshooting
  • Automated Task Lists come pre-configured and easy to modify and create. No programming or scripting is required.


200   VQT Analog Interface
201   VQT T1 Interface
J1982A   PAMS Software
J1983A   PSQM Software
J1997A   PESQ Software