Flir SC5000

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Imaging Performance

Waveband MW
Dynamic Range 14 bit
Spectral response 2.5-5.1 µm
NETD <20mK
Sensor type InSb
Pixel Resolution 320×256
Pixel Pitch 30µm
Digital Full Frame rate 383 Hzup to 31.7 kHz with windowing
f/# f/3.0
FPA Windowing Arbitrary Size and Location


Standard Camera Calibration Range 5ºC to 300ºC
Optional Camera Calibration Range -20ºC to 50ºC
-280ºC to 1500ºC
up to 2500ºC
up to 3000ºC
Ambient Drift Compensation Yes
Hypercal / CNUC Functionality Yes


Digital Data Output GigE, Camera Link
Analog Video Composite and S-Video
Command & Control GigE, Camera Link


Manual Tactile Focus No
Motorised Focus Yes
Auto Focus Yes


Built-in IRIG-B timing Optional
Triggering Options Yes
SDK Support Yes
Lab View Compatibility Yes
Filtering Options Removable/motorised 4 Position Filter Wheel
Matlab support Yes


Available optics 27mm (Built in ) – 20°x 16°
12mm – 45°x 36°
54mm – 10°x 8°
100mm – 5.5°x 4.4°
0.5X Microscope – 60µ
1X Microscope – 30µ
3X Microscope – 10µ

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