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iEDX-100A  –  iEDX-100A XRF Hazardous materials analyzer

Technical specification

Measurement Methods Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis
Sample type Solid/Liquid/Powder
X-ray Tube 50kVp, 50W, Rh Target
Filter 5 Filter Auto Change
Detection System Si-Pin Diode (Peltier System)
Energy Resolution 149eV at Mn-Kα(5.9eV)
Detection Element Na(11) ~ U(92)
Measurement Area 2-10 mm, User Selectable
Operating Software FP/Calibration Method
Analyze Method FP/Calibration Method
Sample Monitoring CCD Camera
Control System Desk-Top/Note Book, USB Interface
Size of sample chamber 310X284x100mm(WxDxH)
Size 450X390X370mm(WxDxH)
Power 110/220VAC 50/60Hz
weight 38Kg(NET)


Application field


Treat regulations from RoHS, WEEE, ELV, etc.(Hazardous material use regulation 6 heavy metals)
China RoHS
Resource recycling law
Jewels, toys hazardous elements contained quantity gauge
(CPSC(Children’s Product Safety Regulations) Improvement Act of 2008)
Ni and Pb contained quantity check
Regulate Hazardous materials to threat public safety and health
Seal cast of cover in order not to be physically exposed
Prohibit Hazardous material in coating, painting, and electric coating.
Resource reuse and environment contaminated material analysis
Element ingredient analysis for researching and educating