Agilent E4405B

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Agilent E4405B  –  Agilent E4405B ESA Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz ~ 13.2 GHz


  Dynamic Range +30 dBm – -166 dBm
  Frequency Range 9 kHz – 13.2 GHz
  Input Impedance 50 ohm
  Other Features -112 dBc/H
  Residual FM -90 dBc/Hz
  Resolution Bandwidth 10 Hz – 5 MHz
  Video Bandwidth 30 Hz – 3 MHz



Option Configurations


  042 Gray spectrum analyzer backpack
  044   Yellow spectrum analyzer backpack
  060   Reduced emissions
  0B0   Do not include manual set
  0B1   English manual set
  0BV   Service documentation, component level
  0BW   Service documentation, assembly level
  106   Bluetooth FM demodulator
  120   ACPR dynamic range extension
  1AX   RS-232 and Centronics interface
  1CP   Rackmount and handle kit
  1D5   High stability frequency reference
  1D6   Time-gated spectrum analysis
  1D7   50 -75 ohm minimum loss pad(s)
  1DN   Tracking generator
  1DR   Narrow resolution bandwidths
  1DS   Preamp
  219   Noise figure measurement personality and hardware
  225   Cable fault location personality
  226   Phase noise measurement personality
  227   Cable TV measurement personality
  228   Bluetooth measurement personality
  229   Modulation Analysis meas. Personality
  230   BenchLink web remote control software
  231   ESA to 89600 series software link update
  252   EDGE upgrade to GSM Measurement Personality
  266   HP8568/8566B code compatibility
  290   859x programming code compatibilty
  304   Bluetooth premium opt. Bundle
  545   Standard frequency reference
  A4H   GPIB and Centronics interface
  A4J   IF and sweep ports
  A5D   12 Vdc power cable
  AB0   Taiwan – Chinese localization (includes English manual set)
  AB1   Korea – Korean localization (includes English manual set)
  AB2   China – Chinese localization (includes English manual set)
  ABD   Germany – German localization (includes English manual set)
  ABE   Spain – Spanish localization (includes English manual set)
  ABF   France – French localization (includes English manual set)
  ABJ   Japan – Japanese localization (includes English manual set)
  ABZ   Italy – Italian localization (includes English manual set)
  AKT   Russia – Russian localization (includes English manual set)
  AXT   Add transit case
  AYQ   FM demodulation and quasi peak detector
  AYT   Gray soft carrying/operating case
  AYU   Yellow soft carrying/operating case
  AYX   Fast time-domain sweep
  B70   BenchLink spectrum analyzer S/W
  B74   RF and digital communications hardware
  B75   Performance opts. Bundle
  B7B   TV trigger and picture on screen
  B7D   Digital signal processing and fast ADC
  B7E   RF communications hardware
  B7K   Cable fault measurement kit
  BAA   FM demodulation
  BAC   cdmaOne measurement personality
  BAH   GSM/GPRS measurement personality
  COM   Communication test analyzer (1D5, 1DR, B7D, B7E, BAA)
  CST   Custom configuration
  H70   70 MHz IF out
  HSB   Permits use with TEK 1405 NTSC TV sideband adapter by providing LO out
  HYQ   Quasi peak detector
  J36   FM deviation personality – enhanced
  K41   Connectorized rackmount kit for rear access of RF IN
  K45   Connectorized rackmount kit includes 5 cables and rackmount kit
  RMKT   Agilent Refurbished Product
  STD   Standard analyzer (AYX, BAA)
  STG   Standard analyzer with tracking generator (1DN,AYX, BAA)
  UK6   Commercial cal. Certificate w/test data
  UK9   Front panel cover
  UKB   100 Hz low frequency extension