HP/Agilent 8563E

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HP/Agilent 8563E  –  HP 8563E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz


Dynamic Range +30 dBm – -151 dBm
Frequency Range 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz
Input Impedance
50 ohm
Other Features HP-IB
Residual FM <1Hz pk-pkxN^9 in 20ms
Resolution Bandwidth 1 Hz – 1 MHz
Video Bandwidth 1 Hz – 3 MHz

Option Configurations

001 Second IF output rear panel connector -Refurbished Item-
005 Add alternate sweep output -Refurbished Item-
006 Frequency coverage down to 30Hz -Refurbished Item-
007 Digitized fast time domain sweeps -Refurbished Item-
008 Add signal identification -Refurbished Item-
026 Change input connector N type to 3.5mm -Refurbished Item-
103 Delete precision frequency reference -Refurbished Item-
104 Delete 85620A mass memory module -Refurbished Item-
1BN Mil std 45662A calibration certificate -Refurbished Item-
1BP Mil std 45662A calibration w/test data -Refurbished Item-
RMKT Agilent refurbished product -Refurbished Item-
UK6 Commercial cal certificate w/test data -Refurbished Item-